Disney World New Year's 2005-2006
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Disney World

New Year's 2005-2006

For the week after Christmas we went to Disney World to see Disney at Christmas time and the New Year's fireworks.
We had an amazing time, and the weather was warm and sunny the whole time!

Our first day in Epcot.

Hanging around the Mayan temple in Mexico.

Passing thru Norway and China.

I don't know how this crazy shot happened.

We went to MGM Studios the next day.

At night MGM Studios had some special Christmas Lights.

Ah, finally, the Magic Kingdom!

Tony's Town Square
for lunch.

We got curbside seating for the Very Merry Xmas Parade.

Bridget had to put
the boys in the
stocks to get them
to behave.

Bridget doing some

The wacky world
of Buzz Lightyear.

Finally, the big event, the midnight fireworks!
Sadly, I took few pictures, not much usable, and mostly took video,
which I can't show here. But the fireworks were amazing. We were
near the castle, and they launched the same fireworks all around us,
from six or eight spots.

After the fireworks we headed back to Fantasyland, where we got onto
several rides with no wait, since the park didn't close till 1:00am.
But it was murder getting out of the park. We got to our room at 2:30am

Our last day in the Magic Kingdom and Florida.

Finally, a brunch with the Winnie the Pooh characters.

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