San Diego, March 2006
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San Diego

March 2006

We started at the Wild Animal Park, which is the zoo way
outside of town that's supposed to be more open and natural
than the old fashioned zoo with cages.

We went up in a hot air balloon over the park to get an aerial view of the animals.
Ok, so it was tethered on a cable, but it was still the first time we've been up in one.

The kids always like the lorikeets best.

to be

We waited quite a while to get on the safari.

Our second trip to Legoland! Yay!

The twins wanted their caricatures done.

The next day it was the San Diego Zoo.

And, of course, Disneyland! The models were cool...

Heading down Main Street, U.S.A.

Turning toward Tomorrowland and the Matterhorn

It's a Small World is very different from the one in Florida -- on the outside.

And the castle is downright cute compared to Disneyworld.

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming kiss in a mural in the castle.

Hangin' out by the wishing well near the castle hoping to see Sleepin' Byootee

A picture mural of the genie in Adventureland

Near Tom Sawyer's Island

Back waitin' for that pesky Sleepin' Byootee, who never did show.

We squeezed in California Adventure

Nemo and his dad have a big mural in California

A night at Goofy's Kitchen!

Goofy stops by.

Chip first, Dale must be next:

The Mad Hatter was easily the favorite, because he could talk, and was a real ham.

With Pluto, back when he was still a planet.

The next day we hit Hollywood
In a Hollywood gift shop.

The twins shared a favorite star.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

We had ice cream at the Disney Soda Fountain

Walking off into the Hollywood sunset...

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