Brigantine, NJ, 2007
Past Trips

Brigantine, NJ

April-August 2007

A quick stop at the house in March, here viewed from the top of the big house built behind us.

The view from the top of that house spans the width of the island, from the beach on the left to the bay on the right.

A trip in early May to Ocean City.

Memorial Day Weekend
May 27, 2007

We can see ourselves!

Mary chillin out.

The big fort.

May 27, 2007
Kelly surfs in.

The turtle dome.

Wrapping things up.

Week of July 4th

Whale's Tale, Cape May

Fourth of July!

The Pool, Harrah's.

End of August, Summer's Last Hurrah

We took a trip down to the Army Corps seawall at the south end.

The twins entered a twin contest in Ocean City.

John brought Mark and Eric to see us and we went to Wildwood.

Back in Brigantine

Beach day.

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