Grand Canyon, Arizona, April 2007
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Grand Canyon, Arizona

April 2007

We spent a few days at the Grand Canyon.

We head in for our first look:

We made it!

Canyon as far as the eye can see.

Here are some canyon facts:

Hiking along the rim.

Christopher takes a stand.

Bridget on the brink.

Matty Indian style.

Steve goes out on a ledge.

Ok, Steve up close.

Mary at a comfortable distance from the edge.

Ok, Mary can be a daredevil, too!

There was some smoke in the canyon that day.

A zig zaggy trail down. We decided the rim was exciting enough.

A rare view of actual water.

This guy slipped off a rock and sprained his ankle. Good luck getting out of there!

The five of us at Grand View.

The easternmost point of the park, Desert View.

Twins pose by the Desert View tower.

We went up the tower.

The view from the top.

Outside the park we saw these weird hills.

And the odd trading post.

A stop for dinner and gifts at the Cameron Trading Post.
The Little Grand Canyon is pretty scary looking itself.

Back in the park near dusk we caught sight of this gray fox.

Trying to get the perfect sunset picture.

Clouds obstructed the sunset at the end, and darkness descended.

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