Ixcaret, Mexico, February 2007
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Ixcaret, Mexico

February 2007

The view from our room. Nice!

Parrots in the Lobby.

The kids ham it up under the big roof.

Bridget gets corn rows in Playa del Carmen.

We stop to have our picture taken with the monkeys.

Wandering around Playa del Carmen.

The beach at Playa del Carmen.

Matty gets a sombrero.

Wildlife and stuff around the hotel.

Now our day in the Ixcaret park. It was just way too hot in there and we quickly lost steam. We were thinking of swimming in the underwater river considering it was so hot, but the temperature in there was just too cold for us to brave. So we wandered around and mostly saw ruins, which were very impressive.

Now for our trip to Delphinus!

I have to say they really did a great job
making sure we had the time of our lives.
It was an experience we'll never forget.

All the dolphins we ever wanted!

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