Brigantine Trip July-August 2002

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of the Wagars

Brigantine, New Jersey

July-August, 2002

Down our favorite ride,
the log flume at Wildwood!

We're back! Now ages 5, 9 and 5.

The view from 33rd street

Mountain climber Christopher

Matty climbs for the first time, and reaches the top!

Trying out our dance moves

Here's Ventnor's own Lucy the Elephant!

Lucy's stairs

Hangin' out on Lucy's toes

Let's compare our tongues with Lucy's:

The crew with Gramps on Lucy the Elephant

Our path to the beach

On the beach

The kids work on crop circles

A little bit of Egypt right here in New Jersey

Bridget plays with visiting friend Jason

Our camp

Our camp from a distance

The Atlantic City skyline from our beach

Bye, bye Brig till next year

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