Brigantine Summer 2005

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of the Wagars


Summer 2005

See our new house get built!

Bruce, Jan and Cassandra paid a visit

Ok, kids, stop goofing
off and just pose!

That's better!

Aye, aye, cap'n

Just waiting for a big wave.

Brigantine just goes crazy on the 4th of July!

The moonlight at Ocean City

Barb & Dan at Ocean City

Hanging by our new house

Gramps gets a new bike

The D_e_l_y o_n_a_s Clan gathers

Dan & Barb & Mary & Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Now, back to the beach!

Too bright!

Ok, that's better.

Devil's Tower rises in Brigantine

Flag blowing,
Atlantic City skyline

Off to Wildwood!

On the town in Wildwood.


wait, that's more like it!

Our day in Philadelphia.

What's this, a restaurant
named after me?

Ok, let's get some group shots.

Help, sharks!

Beach baby

Bridget places Matty's head on the sand.

Aw, we gotta go soon.

Another year gone by...

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