Tempe and Grand Canyon, Arizona, April 2007
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Tempe and Grand Canyon, Arizona

April 2007

Our stay at the Butts (as we affectionately pronounce it) in Tempe

The pools were way cool:

...and had great desert flowers.

Matty and I walked up one of the buttes and you can see the restaurant and a butte behind him.

Matty never thought we'd make it to the top... fortunately an oasis (or modern interpretation thereof) awaited:

We made it! Now, to get the camera to take our picture when perched on a rock:

Some nice ball fields down the other side of the butte.

The view of Phoenix from the top.

The view of back down to the Butts from the top.

Bruce and Jan's apartment in Tempe (top left):

Complementing the Butts are the Turds (a sandstone formation in Papago Park)

I took a pic of our rental car when I stopped in Papago Park:

The kids love spending (virtual) time with their cousin Cassandra.

All of us.

Take a look at our excursion out to the Grand Canyon.

Ah, the flight back home.

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