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Pet Page

Jasper's Tribute Page

See Sue's little orphaned kitten Nicky! (well, not a kitten since 2001)


Actually a guinea fowl, but we call him the guinea hen. Native to this area, he lives year round on our property and the adjacent properties. His mate died the year we moved in in a tragic winter accident.

We are sad to report the guinea fowl died this winter (2000-2001). He had been attacked by a fox or something in the fall, and I don't think he ever quite got over it. We are contemplating getting replacement guineas.

Jasper, Persimmon, and Daisy Mae

Baby Jasper    

Twin Persimmys

Persimmon died on April 19, 2002 of kidney failure. She was 14.

Cook's helper, helping with pina coladas in 1989  

Daisy Mae

Our tortoiseshell Persian
Nickname: Wuff  (derivative of Fluffy Wuffy)

She lived with us from 1989 to 1995,
and then with Sue from 1996 to 2006.

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