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Bridget & Matty
at 3

Matty reports on his progress defeating the doorknob lock on his room.

This conventional doorknob lock effectively kept us in until May, 2000 when I was 3 years 8 months old. Then I figured out how to pull the soft white plastic cover right out of the two clamping bracket pieces that hold it.
The next step up was just the 4 longitudinal yellow ribbons you see here. But I defeated it because the ribbons could be pulled to the side, letting me repeat my previous strategy above of pulling the cover apart.
Next, Dad added the 4 latitudinal purple ribbons connecting the 4 yellow ribbons. This one held me for a month, until I was able to twist it enough to destroy the whole cover.
Next, Dad started with a brand new cover and put packaging tape and black tape around it in many layers. I tried pulling the tape off once, but it was too hard (and Daddy repaired the damage behind my back).
It was five long months before I cracked it (Feb 2001, age 4 yr, 5 mo). I demonstrated the opening technique for Daddy, as shown here. At this point Daddy threw up his hands and removed the door lock, and now I have the run of the house! Even Bridget learned how to open the one remaining door lock after a few more weeks, using my patented two-hand method.

Almost out of Preschool!

Coloring in preschool. See my curly hair?

Miss Bridget

We stopped by to see Tigger in Disneyworld

I stopped by to see Ariel in her grotto.

Here I am with Cinderella in her castle.
See how I have my Cinderalla doll and my cindarella clothes?

At Preschool

Oh no!

With Tigger

Florida in February

Dress Up
(plus bikini)
Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty?
...or is that Cinderella and one of her stepsisters?

Sleepy time

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